Hey guys, to those who will sleepover at Sophie’s house, please bring food again 😀 thank you ! ;;)


And yeah, for tomorrow’s activity, please view the previous post regarding the schedule. Don’t forget to bring your summer outfit tomorrow :”> And those who haven’t paid 300, please pay na tomorrow 😀 HAHAHA thanks


-nicole 🙂


P.S. Alam kong most of us were bad trip kanina because of different reasons, but please, let’s smile tomorrow 😀 HAHAHA yey yey yey try to smile 🙂 Chill lang tayo, guys 😉

I’ll be the greatest fan of your liiife. ~ UPDATED POST!

/* guise bago yung file na yan so yes, download niyo ulit. 🙂 */

Bon Voyage << it’s updated! there are two additional tags, please check it okaaay. 🙂

same password, yung nakapost sa ating fb group.

agahan niyo dumating bukas for shooting! 🙂

from nicoooooole. XD

btw, the final quest for bio is due on friday, march 9, instead of thursday. :> ~ senats!

I’ve never heard silence quite this loooud. ~

Bon Voyage! :> << guise don’t forget to check this okaaay.

assignments yan. and notify if you have comments and suggestions daw. 🙂

from nicoooooole. password is posted in the fb group. 🙂

perio week + reqs

here guys reminders so i won’t forget and so you guys won’t forget too!
–> Perio Sched!
*Due EOQRS + optional notebook.

*Chem lt???? Can someone verify.


Due date of Filipino Revised Dula.
Due date of Bio Final Quest.

PPTs for Physics!

Yiiiee Friday na bukas. Study well. :>


2nd law_entropy

2nd law


Things for tomorrow:

  • STR LT abt the statistical tests ( t-tests, ANOVA, Chi-square, Friedman’s )
  • Physics LT
  • Web Dev Practical Test
  • Soc Sci KKKwiz
  • Filipino Comm Heads, please check your email regarding the Fil Anthology
  • Fashstory models, please bring what you’re supposed to bring tomorrow 😉
  • Pay class funds tomorrow !
  • Prepare your one-liner tomorrow for the class shirt
  • St Francis Square tomorrow for the models, Alexis, Geo, Nicole, Veronica, Janna, and Isa.
  • Be ready for tentative Math grades tomorrow !


-nicole. 🙂

Filipino Anthology

Filipino Anthology heads, please send all your articles to me ( ), May-anne ( ), Adi ( ) and Senats ( ) by 8 pm today ! okayyyy